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LaMar Van Dusen

Small Business & Personal Finance

Business Consultant

Toronto, CA

LaMar Van Dusen, of Toronto, Canada, is the Managing Director of Phoenix Management. Phoenix Management specializes in cloud bookkeeping, accounting, and finance consulting for small to mid-size business owners. Their team of professionals provide full accounting services which include; corporate tax returns, audits, financial statement, and review engagements.

Beginning in 2010, LaMar partnered with an accountant and began working together to help small businesses. The desire to help these businesses sprung from the realization that people needed financing to further their goals and achieve their dreams but were finding themselves unable to obtain the financing. As he had his mortgage license at the time, LaMar found himself with the opportunity to help others.

Phoenix Management differs from their competitors in that they combine accounting and finance so effortlessly. Most accounting firms don’t handle finance and most financial firms don’t handle accounting. LaMar and his team take a different approach to their client experience. They look for what the client wants to do for growth whether that’s in the form of buying a building, a house, or even setting a future financial goal. LaMar and his team work tirelessly to ensure they’re assisting their clients in tracking towards the goals that they’ve set. Phoenix Management is also the first company in the Greater Toronto Area to offer a flat fee for services. This only furthers the mission of LaMar and Phoenix Management to simply help their clients.

LaMar helps lay out a plan for clients and points to all the different strategies that are available to help grow a business. When dealing with clients, LaMar sees himself in them. He sees the desire for growth and the desire to achieve set out goals. As a result, the handling of his clients is especially caring and understanding. He looks for their passion, hopes, and goals and works to help them realize those passions and hopes. LaMar and his team at Phoenix Management consider themselves people that their clients can lean on. They’re all resources to simply help others achieve their goals with care and efficiency.

For three years during junior college, LaMar played football and, as such, is a huge football fan with his favorite team being the Pittsburgh Steelers. When he’s not at work, LaMar can be found working out with his wife, traveling with her and his four children, and fishing.

To learn more about LaMar Van Dusen, his perspective on personal finance and on how to help your small business grow, be sure to check back often for new updates.